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MCMODELS Overseer Tools Pack ($20) by Akaleaf [Last]

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Short Description:
Overseer Tools Pack
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Overseer Tools Set in RPG Style Minecraft models.
Were modeled as a weapons and tools for Minecraft (works on 1.14+).
Resourcepack included.
No OptiFine required.
No dependencies required.
No MythicMobs or ModelEngine required.

Set includes:

  • Sword (9 different textured);
  • Shield (9 different textured);
  • Crossbow (9 different textured);
  • Bow (9 different textured);
  • Pickaxe (9 different textured);
  • Axe (9 different textured);
  • Hoe (9 different textured);
  • Shovel (9 different textured);
  • Staff (9 different textured).
How to get the items ingame?:
While using resourcepack, type:
/give <player name> <item identifier>{CustomModelData:<custom_model_data value>}
/give Akaleaf stick{CustomModelData:2607} – gives player Akaleaf Blood Overseer Staff;
/give Akaleaf stick{CustomModelData:2609} – gives player Akaleaf Emerald Overseer Staff;
/give @p crossbow{CustomModelData:2601} – gives Overseer Netherite Crossbow to a nearest player;
/give @p crossbow{CustomModelData:2602} – gives Overseer Diamond Crossbow to a nearest player.
Also try stick, bow, crossbow, shield, netherite_sword, diamond_axe, iron_pickaxe, golden_shovel, stone_hoe
and 2601, 2602, 2603, 2604, 2605, 2606, 2607, 2608, 2609 valeus for CustomModelData.



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