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💠 Leaks CustomNameplates []
Short Description: A Unique Way to Customize Nametags [compatible with ItemsAdder, Oraxen]

No permission to download
Since this resource is in the "Leaks" category, we can't guarantee to update it! But we will try to update the resource to the latest version.
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Improved SQL storage
  • Improved SQL storage, more async and less wait time out

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Bug fix
  • fixed plugin won't start when using ProtocolLib 4.8 (Recommend 5.0)

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Legacy color code support
  • Now legacy color code "&" "§" is supported everywhere
VentureChat channel support for bubbles
Totally recode
Totally recoded the whole plugin with over 4000 lines of codes to make the plugin have better peformance and structure. There's no config change besides the database.yml
  1. Removed SQLite mode and Added YAML mode, Added MariaDB mode
  2. If you are a MySQL user, it's advised to use the new version.
  3. If you meet any problems, get support in discord channel!
Have a good day!
  • Deleted useless data saving when stopping the server and player quits
  • reworked API events
Bug fix & new API Event
  • Added BubblesEvent
  • Now bubbles won't be displayed when player is in spectator mode
  • Added permission node for bubles (bubles.use)
Bubble module fix

Fix bubble module not working when nameplate module is disabled

fixed wrong width data of character "t"

static text

text: '%xconomy_balance%'
# If the text's total width is 40, this papi would return offset characters with width 145
# You can use the offset characters by using <font:nameplates:default>%nameplates_static_money%</font><font:nameplates:offset_-11>%xconomy_balance%</font>
static: 185

fix fake team unable to be created for the first joining server player(If you still have problem with this, update your protocollib to the newest)
fix nameplates module NPE when you hot reload that module

mysql connection pool settings fix


Bug fix
Fixed bubbles module not correctly unloaded when using command "reload"
Better support for Trchat private message channel

2.0.2 2

Readded spanish locale


fixed a bossbar NPE when stopping the server
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Cconditions for bossbar/actionbar
[Important] Plugin would auto backup your old actionbar.yml and generated a new one for you!
This version recodes bossbar and actionbar function and now a condition system is ready. So you can make complex condition for different bars!
Example configs are included in the new jar file. You can extract them from .jar files or delete your bossbar.yml to get a new example config. There's only a little change so the old bossbar config would still go well in the new version.
Have a good day!

①For server owners who are still in 1.x versions, you should set "migration" true in database.yml and restart your server, migration would be done automatically. When migration is done, the option would be back to "false" and it will notice you of the result in the console! (For servers using MySQL, you only need one server to proceed the migration)

②Backup your nameplates & background folder and delete the two folders! Restart your server and you will get two folders in new format. Now nameplates are divided into three parts so we can control the size of the nameplate.

I'm happy to announce the final release of 2.0 which comes ups with quite a lot of new features(see in the post) and performance improvements.

PlayerName & Bug fix

New option in nameplate.yml
# This decides what %nameplates_prefix/suffix% would return
# This only works on Riding / Teleporting mode
# Don't change this if you are using Team mode
player-name: '%player_name%'
For example you are using a Nick Plugin, this would be quite useful!

fixed plugin would not load when disabled nameplates module