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💠 Leaks ⛓ Plugin ⛓ CustomFishing [1.2.3]
Short Description: New fishing system, Seasons, MythicMobs Support, MMOCore, Competition System, etc

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  • Support unlimited customization of fishing progress bar UI, customization of interval probability, number of intervals, floating speed
  • Highly customizable fishing probability system based on weight
  • Customize more than ten kinds of fishing conditions, custom Papi expressions "or" "and"
  • Support ItemsAdder, Oraxen, MythicMobs, MMOItems item libraries as drops
  • Highly optimized, most of the operations are performed asynchronously, and the information display is purely sent by packets
  • And much more
1.2 Update Coupons: LAVAFISHING(20% off only 10 uses!)

About Resource Pack

This plugin works based on a resource pack, premade resource pack is available in Link hidden, please Sign inorSing upif you have verified your purchase (use /verify to activate the verification bot). You can make your own extensions if you want.

NOTE: This plugin requires Link hidden, please Sign inorSing up5.0 and Paper(or its forks) to work!

Game Mechanics​

Fishing Mini-game:

Player can experience a totally different fishing mechanic, getting rid of the boring vanilla fishing system. Bar's layout and difficulty are customizable!


Lava Fishing:

Lava fishing is something difficult to achieve but really romantic. It used to be an idea but in CustomFishing it comes true!


Fishing Totems:​

Totem can provide additional buffs for players in it. Totem block supports unlimited pattern and custom blocks from ItemsAdder & Oraxen


Fishing Bags:

Fishing bag (with MySQL & MariaDB support) is a special container where players can store their baits/rods/utilities. Baits in offhand/fishing bag would be consumed on casting the rod with a fake item animation.



Other features:​

● Fishing competition: allows players to compete for prizes. CustomFishing supports Redis Server to sync competition data between servers!

● MythicMobs support: Players can fish MythicMobs, so you can make sharks, TNTs or any other interesting stuffs with this feature.

● Fish Finder: A utility for players to see the possible loots here

● Condition system: Over 10 built-in conditions and supports Placeholder conditions with expressions!

● Sell shop: A shop where players can sell their fish, and it is powered by custom price formula. The GUI is totally customizable.

● Powerful item system: supports custom NBT tags, and other hooked plugin's items. You can even import an item from other plugins with a simple /customfishing improt command.

● Highly optimized: Packet based system. Fishing Bars & fake items would not cause lag on server side. A special method is used to get player's next loot asynchronously.

● Enchantments: CustomFishing doesn't have an enchantment system but it's able to read enchantments from NBT tags and customize its buffs. So plugins for example EcoEnchants would be totally compatible.

Plugin Command​

  • /customfishing items loot/bait/util/rod get/give
  • /customfishing competition start/end/cancel
  • /customfishing reload
  • /customfishing import file
  • /fishingbag open [player]
  • /sellfish

Permission Node​

  • customfishing.admin
  • customfishing.sellfish
  • fishingbag.open
  • fishingbag.rows.1-6


  • %competition_rank%
  • %competition_score%
  • %competition_time%
  • %competition_minute%
  • %competition_second%
  • %competition_1st_score%
  • %competition_1st_player%

About Payment​

If you are a Chinese user and can't use PayPal or Stripe, WeChat and AliPay is supported here: Link hidden, please Sign inorSing up


Link hidden, please Sign inorSing up 《CustomFishing Wiki》

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Terms Of Service

  1. You agree not to redistribute this product or claim it as your own.
  2. No refunds on purchases
  3. Modification of this product is permitted after purchase.
  4. Never Re-sell this or share the product to other people.
  5. Don't impersonate as me, and selling this product to others.
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