MCMODELS [BOSS] Un-King [2023-03-11]

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  • If hit by the boss’s basic attack, a slow debuff is applied.

    The boss will summon 3 skeletons.
    Skeletons pursue players for self-destruct attacks.
    It will explode on its own after a certain amount of time.
    (Blast damage ignores armor and immunity)

    The boss summons a sword from the sky.
    The sword will burst into flames 3 times before disappearing.

    When the boss casts a meteor, 3 ghouls are summoned.
    The boss is invincible until all ghouls are dead.

    + Minecraft 1.16.5 ~ 1.18.2
    ———–[ Plugins ]———–
    + Model Engine (Required)
    + MythicMobs (Required)

    + Optifine
    – Glow at night.


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