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    Also Try Terraria! Vortex Tools Set​

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    Vortex Tools Set in RPG Style Minecraft models inspired by Terraria.
    Were modeled as a weapons and tools for Minecraft (works on 1.14+).
    Resourcepack included.
    No OptiFine required.
    No dependencies required.
    No MythicMobs or ModelEngine required.
    Set includes:
    • Sword (7 different textured);
    • Shield (7 different textured);
    • Crossbow (7 different textured);
    • Bow (7 different textured);
    • Pickaxe (7 different textured);
    • Axe (7 different textured);
    • Hoe (7 different textured);
    • Shovel (7 different textured);
    • Staff (7 different textured).
    How to get the items ingame?:
    While using resourcepack, type:
    /give <player name> <item identifier>{CustomModelData:<custom_model_data value>}
    /give Akaleaf stick{CustomModelData:2507} – gives player Akaleaf Vortex Staff;
    /give @p crossbow{CustomModelData:2501} – gives Vortex Netherite Crossbow to a nearest player;
    /give @p crossbow{CustomModelData:2502} – gives Vortex Diamond Crossbow to a nearest player.
    Also try stick, bow, crossbow, shield, netherite_sword, diamond_axe, iron_pickaxe, golden_shovel, stone_hoe
    and 2501, 2502, 2503, 2504, 2505, 2506, 2507 valeus for CustomModelData.
    First release
    Last update
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