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Плагин для связки серверов Pocet Edition и Java Edition

   Категория: Плагины для 1.16.3 / Плагины для 1.16.2 / Плагины для 1.16.1


Gazer - это промежуточное ПО, которое транслирует все входящие и исходящие пакеты. При этом Гейзер работает как автономный прокси, то есть вы можете использовать его для подключения к любому современному Java-серверу Minecraft. Гейзер также можно установить на ваш сервер в качестве плагина, чтобы вы могли легко сделать свой сервер совместимым с Minecraft: Bedrock Edition.

Что бы играть вместе надо что бы хост на пк стоял на ядре версии 1.16.3, а на телефоне можно любую версию 1.16.х выбрать


  1. Загрузите  гейзер зависимости от того, на какой платформе работает ваш сервер.
  2. Поместите Гейзер в папку с плагинами и запустите сервер.
  3. Если вы пользуетесь услугами хостинг-провайдера, вам, вероятно, потребуется изменить порт Bedrock на config.yml. Информация о вашем хостинг-провайдере может быть доступна на странице Поддерживаемые хостинг-провайдеры .
  4. При необходимости перезагрузите сервер.

Когда вы закончите, откройте Minecraft: Bedrock Edition и на вкладке « Друзья » должен появиться гейзер, если сервер работает в вашей локальной сети. Если он не отображается, просто добавьте адрес Java IPv4 и порт Bedrock в качестве внешнего сервера.

Перенаправление порта

В отличие от Minecraft Java Edition, Bedrock Edition работает на порту 19132 по протоколу UDP. При переадресации порта обязательно выделите 19132 UDP или другой порт UDP. Для многих провайдеров хостинга серверов вам просто нужно будет изменить порт прослушивания Bedrock ( список поддерживаемых провайдеров см. Здесь ).



# --------------------------------
# Geyser Configuration File
# A bridge between Minecraft: Bedrock Edition and Minecraft: Java Edition.
# GitHub: https://github.com/GeyserMC/Geyser
# Discord: https://discord.geysermc.org/
# --------------------------------

  #айпи для бедрока
  # порт
  port: 19132
  # This option is for the plugin version only.
  clone-remote-port: false
  # The MOTD that will be broadcasted to Minecraft: Bedrock Edition clients. This is irrelevant if "passthrough-motd" is set to true
  motd1: "GeyserMC"
  motd2: "Another GeyserMC forced host."
  # The Server Name that will be sent to Minecraft: Bedrock Edition clients. This is visible in both the pause menu and the settings menu.
  server-name: "Geyser"
  # The IP address of the remote (Java Edition) server
  # If it is "auto", for standalone version the remote address will be set to,
  # for plugin versions, Geyser will attempt to find the best address to connect to.
  address: auto
  # The port of the remote (Java Edition) server
  # For plugin versions, if address has been set to "auto", the port will also follow the server's listening port.
А дальше там майн для пк
  port: 25565
  # Authentication type. Can be offline, online, or floodgate (see https://github.com/GeyserMC/Geyser/wiki/Floodgate).
  auth-type: online
  # Whether to enable PROXY protocol or not while connecting to the server.
  # This is useful only when:
  # 1) Your server supports PROXY protocol (it probably doesn't)
  # 2) You run Velocity or BungeeCord with respective option enabled.
  use-proxy-protocol: false

# Floodgate uses encryption to ensure use from authorised sources.
# This should point to the public key generated by Floodgate (Bungee or CraftBukkit)
# You can ignore this when not using Floodgate.
floodgate-key-file: public-key.pem

# The Xbox/Minecraft Bedrock username is the key for the Java server auth-info.
# This allows automatic configuration/login to the remote Java server.
# If you are brave enough to put your Mojang account info into a config file.
# Uncomment the lines below to enable this feature.
#  BedrockAccountUsername: # Your Minecraft: Bedrock Edition username
#    email: javaccountemail@example.com # Your Minecraft: Java Edition email
#    password: javaccountpassword123 # Your Minecraft: Java Edition password
#  bluerkelp2: 
#    email: not_really_my_email_address_mr_minecrafter53267@gmail.com 
#    password: "this isn't really my password"

# Bedrock clients can freeze when opening up the command prompt for the first time if given a lot of commands.
# Disabling this will prevent command suggestions from being sent and solve freezing for Bedrock clients.
command-suggestions: true

# The following three options enable "ping passthrough" - the MOTD, player count and/or protocol name gets retrieved from the Java server.
# Relay the MOTD from the remote server to Bedrock players.
passthrough-motd: false
# Relay the protocol name (e.g. BungeeCord [X.X], Paper 1.X) - only really useful when using a custom protocol name!
# This will also show up on sites like MCSrvStatus. <mcsrvstat.us>
passthrough-protocol-name: false
# Relay the player count and max players from the remote server to Bedrock players.
passthrough-player-counts: false
# Enable LEGACY ping passthrough. There is no need to enable this unless your MOTD or player count does not appear properly.
# This option does nothing on standalone.
legacy-ping-passthrough: false
# How often to ping the remote server, in seconds. Only relevant for standalone or legacy ping passthrough.
# Increase if you are getting BrokenPipe errors.
ping-passthrough-interval: 3

# Maximum amount of players that can connect
max-players: 100

# If debug messages should be sent through console
debug-mode: false

# Thread pool size
general-thread-pool: 32

# Allow third party capes to be visible. Currently allowing:
# OptiFine capes, LabyMod capes, 5Zig capes and MinecraftCapes
allow-third-party-capes: true

# Allow third party deadmau5 ears to be visible. Currently allowing:
# MinecraftCapes
allow-third-party-ears: false

# Allow a fake cooldown indicator to be sent. Bedrock players do not see a cooldown as they still use 1.8 combat
show-cooldown: true

# Controls if coordinates are shown to players.
show-coordinates: true

# The default locale if we dont have the one the client requested. Uncomment to not use the default system language.
# default-locale: en_us

# Configures if chunk caching should be enabled or not. This keeps an individual
# record of each block the client loads in. This feature does allow for a few things
# such as more accurate movement that causes less problems with anticheat (meaning
# you're less likely to be banned) and allows block break animations to show up in
# creative mode (and other features). Although this increases RAM usage, it likely
# won't have much of an effect for the vast majority of people. However, if you're
# running out of RAM or are in a RAM-sensitive environment, you may want to disable
# this. When using the Spigot version of Geyser, support for features or
# implementations this allows is automatically enabled without the additional caching
# as Geyser has direct access to the server itself.
cache-chunks: true

# Specify how many days images will be cached to disk to save downloading them from the internet.
# A value of 0 is disabled. (Default: 0)
cache-images: 0

# Allows custom skulls to be displayed. Keeping them enabled may cause a performance decrease on older/weaker devices.
allow-custom-skulls: true

# Bedrock prevents building and displaying blocks above Y127 in the Nether -
# enabling this config option works around that by changing the Nether dimension ID
# to the End ID. The main downside to this is that the sky will resemble that of
# the end sky in the nether, but ultimately it's the only way for this feature to work.
above-bedrock-nether-building: false

# Force clients to load all resource packs if there are any.
# If set to false, it allows the user to connect to the server even if they don't
# want to download the resource packs.
force-resource-packs: true

# Allows Xbox achievements to be unlocked.
# This disables certain commands so the Bedrock client can't to "cheat" to get them.
# Commands such as /gamemode and /give will not work from Bedrock with this enabled
xbox-achievements-enabled: false

# bStats is a stat tracker that is entirely anonymous and tracks only basic information
# about Geyser, such as how many people are online, how many servers are using Geyser,
# what OS is being used, etc. You can learn more about bStats here: https://bstats.org/.
# https://bstats.org/plugin/server-implementation/GeyserMC
  # If metrics should be enabled
  enabled: true
  # UUID of server, don't change!
  uuid: generateduuid


# Geyser updates the Scoreboard after every Scoreboard packet, but when Geyser tries to handle
# a lot of scoreboard packets per second can cause serious lag.
# This option allows you to specify after how many Scoreboard packets per seconds
# the Scoreboard updates will be limited to four updates per second.
scoreboard-packet-threshold: 20

# Allow connections from ProxyPass and Waterdog.
# See https://www.spigotmc.org/wiki/firewall-guide/ for assistance - use UDP instead of TCP.
enable-proxy-connections: false

# The internet supports a maximum MTU of 1492 but could cause issues with packet fragmentation.
# 1400 is the default.
# mtu: 1400

# Whether to use direct server methods to retrieve information such as block states.
# Turning this off for Spigot will stop NMS from being used but will have a performance impact.
use-adapters: true

config-version: 4

Скачать Плагин Gazer

Geyzer Velocity (аналог BungeeCord)

geyser-velocity.jar  [14,49 Mb] (17-12-2020, 21:14) Md5

Gazer (как просто ядро для обычного сервера с одним миром) 

geyser.jar  [20,14 Mb] (17-12-2020, 21:13) Md5


Gazer Sponge (ядро для сервера с модами)

geyser-sponge.jar  [16,65 Mb] (17-12-2020, 21:11) Md5  


Gazer BungeeCord (ядро для связки всех серверов)

geyser-bungeecord.jar  [16,63 Mb] (17-12-2020, 21:13) Md5


Gazer Spigot (альтернатива ядра spigot)

geyser-spigot.jar  [16,75 Mb] (17-12-2020, 21:12) Md5



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    В общем, я не знаю что я делаю не так, не работает, к джаве с джавы подключится могут, а с бедрока к джаве не могут, видят сервер но не могут (даже игроков показывает), проверка портов говорит что порт на котором бедрок закрыт, однако если проверить торрентом то порт работает и он в роутере открыт.

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      Для начала зарегистрийся и перескачай плагин и внимательно проверь правильность конфигурации

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    Подпись: лучше было раньше,но раньше уже закончилось

    Мой сервер: localhost:25566
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